Gardening Leave

Episode 12 · 2 August 2021 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

The problem: Turns out drunk babies aren't funny.

It's time for a break. We've focussed too hard, over the last dozen episodes, on bringing you top quality content related to engineering management, organisational culture, and whatever the third thing is that we say in every intro. Move over, titular easy problems - it's time for a podcast about parenting.

In this episode, we discuss side projects, whether companies should be able to lay a stake to the work you do in your free time, parenting, the peer pressure that comes alongside seeing others' side projects on social media, parenting, how and why you can be incentivised by your employer to work on side projects, parenting, creativity and how productisation can stifle your side projects, take a quick break from that to chat about parenting, before finishing up with a quick chat on trust and parenting.

Incidentally, one of us just became a dad. Coincidence?